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Australia has one of the highest incidences of pet ownership in the world, with 38.5% of households owning a dog and 29.2% of households owning a cat and an estimated 24 million pets across Australia in total. An estimate of $12 billion is spent annually on pets, pet care products and service (Source: Animal Medicines Australia Pet Ownership In Australia 2016 summary report).

Hollard was the first insurer to offer specialised pet insurance in Australia. Our partner, PetSure is the leading provider of pet insurance products in Australia.

Collectively we:

  • Identify pet insurance brand partners
  • Design pet insurance products
  • Handle all administration, and
  • Manage the risks.

With less than 6% (source: Animal Medicines Australia Pet Ownership in Australia 2016 report) of the pet population insured, pet insurance presents a significant opportunity for Hollard, PetSure and its respective pet insurance brands.

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