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“We prioritise partnerships and we see our role as a wholesaler to facilitate our retail partners opportunity to be as competitive as possible. We work closely with them and partner in a way which allows both parties to bring their expertise to the table. We try to align interests whenever possible.”

Richard Enthoven, CEO Hollard Australia


One of the pillars of success for the Hollard business is our partners and the way we partner with them.

We are entrepreneurial in how we go about structuring our deals and our track record shows this. We are generous and we pride ourselves on the fact that our partners can bank on our handshake. What we look for in our partners is the win-win-win philosophy which says that if the customer wins, Hollard and our partner win too.

To us, partnering means:

  • A chance to maximise income by linking our partners remuneration with the profitability of a portfolio
  • Aligning long-term interests
  • More generous profit participation by reducing underwriting risk